Featured Artist : Suze Adams

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Artist Statement

Through repeated visits and a growing familiarity with specific locations, I develop an understanding of the surrounding environment – tensions between constancy and change are observed, examined and documented, and links between the present and the past are explored. Through works produced, I attempt to suggest something of my experience: emotive as well as more calculated responses – suggestions of the physical and psychological, the seen and the sensed.

Underpinned by research and critical reflection, my practice focuses on the following themes: the space between interior and exterior landscapes; notions of home and inhabitation; experiential time and memory; and embodiment/multi-sensory experience.  Via the selection of appropriate media, a corporeal practice is developed in tandem with conceptual understandings and translated into series and sequences of work.  My artwork treads a delicate line between documentation and poetry and presents in the form of still and moving imagery, sound, text, performance and/or installation.

I am an independent artist, writer and lecturer based in the UK.  I have projects sited around Gloucestershire as well as on the Hebridean Isle of Mull – Gloucestershire being my regular domicile and Mull the home of my maternal ancestors, my migrant base.  I exhibit my work nationally and, whenever possible, internationally.  I am an Associate Lecturer in Visual Culture (UWE, Bristol), a member of the Family Ties Network, a founder member of Space Place Practice and an affiliate of PLaCE International Research Centre.



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