Contributing Artist : Vicky Vatcher

BATH chair


I was born in Bath
My father still lives on one of the hills of Bath
I don’t live in Bath but I come to Bath
Quite often
To visit my father
To visit the city
To meet up with friends
To look at art
To talk about art
To make art
It’s a place that holds so many memories
Growing up
Sham Castle where I broke my leg
The centre where I spent hours in amusement arcades with friends
The college where I studied in the sixth form
The Abbey churchyard
Where I hung out with the other hippies
Bath holds many memories
A Georgian city
A stunning tourist playground
And the place of my birth
South of Bristol
er very different from Bristol
Very beautiful and a um good place to take my family and friends too when they come and visit
I hardly ever go to Bath without a reason without a cause so it’s good to have tourists to take there
er a lot of personal associations some of which I don’t particularly enjoy remembering I guess
it’s at the end of the rail of the railway cycle track which is also very nice always a lovely destination
Barth.. French philosopher
Or do you mean Bath
Do you mean Bath
Hearth Bath
Sounds as if it couldn’t rhyme with Douth
It was the word said in the way which was a mistake it being ha bouth
I suppose it’s vaguely related to brother a slang word but not really quite right
Because it’s simply a syllable as a I heard it
erm my options are somewhat limited as I go from a route to do with the words already given as association like er I suppose love is the obvious one isn’t it
I said dove
I could ramble on about
Oh that’s interesting
Why is it not .. so love and dove are pronounced with a U sound rather than O which would normally happen with the E that happens after the consonant so as it stove or tome rather than tom
And so on
Well we have noted an exception that er um rule of spelling sometimes referred to as magic E
Since I am not going to be rescued by the experimenter I suppose I must continue musn’t I so can I go off on another tangent
Cover no no .. to far away to boring
I’ve covered above
I could go for cognitive terms like beyond or below or beneath
But again it’s too far away from the original nonsense word
I wonder if I respond better to visual stimulus rather than an auditory one
I note that I’ve instinctively closed my eyes to think about this
It’s all quite relaxing really
Almost like a meditative practice perhaps
I think my experimenter is coming in
So I will turn off the recording
Very very beige
More beige
And even more beige
I prefer a shower
One the other hand I love the city
I love the way nature tumbles into it
I’ve seen that in tropical places where you can’t stop nature doing it
I’ve seen that in er some European cities
But I can’t think of many British cities or towns where nature just expresses itself and in a sense defines it and takes control
Obviously the cup like control of the cities setting that the fact that the greenery comes in and displays itself and exterts itself and enjoys itself
It is of course a tourist trap
It is a place that um has the worst things of visitor culture
But it also has a lot of the best and a lot of smiling faces
It does have the qualities of the seaside resort um
Which is a good thing I think that sense of kiss me quick and let’s have a good time
But I also like the fact that as you penetrate its beautiful surface
Erm you see it’s a workman like city not so much now but it has in the past made things like rain covers, bridge bridge umm components that’s the word
It’s done stuff
And erm its also been elergernt elegant but like Venice its made a made a job of being a playground
It’s done it incredibly well and I think it is one of the most extraordinary marvels architecturally
And it’s not just that it’s good to look at
It’s just that it’s so coherent
And there is one prominent architect that is prominent architect of our time
Erm who was fashionable for a moment
And he suggested that Bath should be raised to the ground and I suppose it would have been a post modern city erm erected in its stead
That’s just philistophism crap and I’m glad that nothing ever came of it
Good old Bath
I think I’m falling in love with you
An overdesigned city
I get the impression it’s deeply conservative in many ways, mono monocultural
Never sees that many ethnic minorities around
My sister lives here
She likes it enormously
Er it’s a wonderful place but I am not sure that I could live here
What is this
That’s a good button
What’s that do
What is it
Pushing button


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