Bath Artists’ Studios

Bath Artists’ Studios : Where arts practice and learning meet

Bath Artists’ Studios is the largest provider of studio space in Bath. They offer a supportive environment for artists to work, teach and develop their creative practice and host a full programme of regular classes and workshops in a range of arts practices. Their tutors are all practicing artists, some teaching from their studios and some from what is known as the ‘school room’. They also have a gallery and project space, a flexible facility for artists and arts organisations to make and test new work or to stage exhibitions, events, talks and interventions.

The Studios were founded in 1997 by David Cobley, a painter and were orignally housed in an old Infants School in Widcombe. In 2003, the Studios moved to their current location at The Old Malthouse, but initially kept the old name, Widcombe Studios until 2009 when the Studios changed their name to Bath Artists’ Studios.

The Studios now has 54 studios with 62 artists working in the building. The School Room hosts a full week of classes and workshops ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture and professional development. The gallery and project space hosts a range of exhibitions, talks and events throughout the year


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