White Space

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White Space

Opening the door, windows
feeling the curtains move:
sea swell, belly rise

the horizon stretches

Breathing anew
Breathing again

White space
the void through which air circulates …
breathing life into empty vessels
animating bodies.
The cathedral of the rib-cage …
rise and fall

elemental forces materialised
vital energy manifested:

soft pulse

A surge, a kick
a circle, a pause …
light as air
quiet as the breath.
Rise and fall behind cloth

a gust of wind
sticatto, adagio.

Clouds and fire
dark and light.
A key in the door
outside in or inside out:
where the body lies
a threshold

… or a precipice?

The wind, the breath
the space, the light:
the silence of the void …

mouth, nostrils
open to the world
damp air

Rhythmic sway, lifting
a lilting dance to the elements:

body, flame, rock, sky:
just words …

on the wind, curls and flicks

Suze Adams
04 October 2014
Written during the Performative Writing and Architecture Workshop (04/05 October 2014) Performed at the launch of the exhibition by Vicky Vatcher (with thanks)


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