Gallery Visitors : The Young Art Club

This morning, members of the young art club run at Bath Artists’ Studios, visited the gallery and made recordings on the ‘BATH Chair’ work, experimented with projections and their interpretations of the story being told in the work ‘Breath’, dicussed pictures than you can feel rather than see inspired by ‘Palladio in Profile and in Pink’, why there are toliets in the gallery and what makes them art and contributed to ‘The Drawing Room Floor’ work. As they left, I asked what they will most remember about the gallery. Their responses: drawing in flour, how to make marbled paper, art that you can feel rather than see, making a sound recording and lots of things to see and feel.





Posted by Fay Stevens


2 responses to “Gallery Visitors : The Young Art Club


    a very good and fundamental question coming from the members of BAS Young Art Club.

    A good time to lead you to the genre of Art called ‘Found Object/ Objet TrouvĂ© ( Fr.) ‘ where objects/things are used in an art context and made part of an artwork.
    This appreciation and the collection of objects of curiosity dates back to the 16th century where displays were made of these objects especially by the Germans who called them ” Wunderkammer” but they didn’t really get taken and transformed by incorporating them into artworks until a few hundred years later , when in the 1800s that artists then gave them an altered meaning.
    Today, this form of artwork is known as The Readymade.

    One beautiful example of this is Degas’s Little Dancer of Fourteen Years ( 1881), where the sculpture is wearing a real tutu.

    In answer to , are my toilets Art? I leave for you to explore and decide.
    Ask my friend the artist Marcel Duchamp ( you’ll have to ask him on the internet as his memories now live there) and see if you agree with his artwork , The Fountain (1917)

    Best wishes,
    Ewa Loo

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